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Our Chinese Seafood Restaurant in San Jose

Our Cantonese Cuisine

East Lake Chinese Seafood Restaurant of San Jose is proud to offer the finest Cantonese cuisine in Silicon Valley.  Our chefs use only the freshest produce, meat and seafood to create delicious dishes.  East Lake Chinese Seafood is family owned and operated since 1992 specializing in the cuisine of Southern China (Hong Kong and Guangdong Province).

A Family Restaurant Business

Albert, his brother Edward and their sister Cindi Hu started East Lake Chinese Seafood Restaurant in 1992.  Determined to make it the best Southern China cuisine restaurant in San Jose, they have worked diligently to always ensure customer satisfaction.

Their Chinese chefs are top quality cooking artists, creating consistently delicious dishes for their repeat customers.  Their ability to provide such a wide variety of food and dishes is a testimonial to their long-time experience.

At East Lake Chinese Seafood Restaurant, they know how to ensure customer satisfaction by serving the best tasting Chinese Seafood dishes quickly and while they’re hot.

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Location and Hours

2850 Quimby Road, #130
San Jose, Ca  95148

Phone: (208) 223-3288

Mon – Fri
Lunch:  11am – 2:30pm
Dinner: 4:30pm-8:30pm
Sat & Sun
Lunch:  10:30am – 2:30pm
Dinner: 4:30pm-8:30pm