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Anthony Y., Sunnyvale

“Sorry but I can’t tell you what’s on the secret menu but there is a secret menu just let you know. I ordered the Mongolian chicken in the cashew chicken. Both dishes came out to be excellent portions and hot and staining fresh food. Great place to come and grab all night long!”

Eggplant with shrimp in black bean sauce

Delicious eggplant stuffed with shrimp covered in black bean sauce.  Very tasty and a traditional meal.  I recommend this plate.

Mongolian Chicken

I recommend getting this mongolian chicken it was very tasty and had an old-style taste of old Chinese Ways.

Mongolian Chicken

Delicious cashew chicken

Tuan T., San Jose

This is for sure one of my favorite Chinese restaurant.  The place has been recently remodeled and the food is outstanding for the price.

Menu selection is outstanding.  I remember when my wife first introduced me to East Lake, I was skeptical because of its exterior appearance, however I’ve learn not to judge. 

Tip – it’s a great place for take out as well.”  

Tuan T., San Jose

“Persuading someone to select your favorite Chinese restaurant over his or her favorite Chinese restaurant is an exercise in futility.  They all pretty much serve the same dishes by waiters wearing the same exact black/white uniform.  Nostalgia is 85% why you choose one place over the other as your preferences are anchored by your experiences with your family and friends.  The other 15% is broken down into quality of service, pricing, and cleanliness.

So, I preface my review by saying that even though I probably won’t convince you to make East Lake your “favorite” Chinese spot, it is a worthy addition to your rotation.  (I also frequent China Station (located on Senter and Monterey), but East Lake is much better for larger parties.)

Since its renovation, East Lake looks better.  The service has improved.  The food is good.  On my most recent visit, we ordered hot and sour soup, Peking duck (served two ways), salt and pepper shrimp, salt and pepper spareribs, honey walnut shrimps, sizzling beef over black pepper sauce, beef chow fun and shrimp tofu.  All of the items came out quickly.  Everything was hot and well seasoned.  Service was expedient and friendly.  No complaints on anything, really.

I know they also offer dim sum during the mornings and a really good lunch deal during the weekdays.  Support the local business and give this place a try.”

March H., San Jose

“Folks, I kid you not. This is THE BEST dim sum place in all of Bay Area. I am Chinese, and I came from Hong Kong. So I know a thing or two about dim sum. Like I have been eating dim sum ever since I was inside my mom’s womb. Their congee is from heaven. And if you know your way about dim sum, you can customize stuff by telling the wait staff. We get two or more off-menu items every time we go. It’s surprising how a restaurant in some random strip mall in a far away corner of San Jose can have dim sum this good. I will be moving to San Francisco soon, and I tell you SF doesn’t have anything remotely this good. I may have to drive an hour down here again to have dim sum. Long drive, yes, but still cheaper than flying back to HK.”   

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